Bradner and Gallagher: Texas Democrats leave House floor

CNN (Very Fake News) May 31, 2021

CNN is trash. I don't know where to start. I visited the front page and chose the first article I saw. It's by Dianne Gallagher and Eric Bradner.

Gallagher and Bradner are morons. They work for CNN. That requires being an idiot.

I need to start somewhere. Let's start with the first 3 words:

Austin, Texas (CNN)

As we all know, stories start with their location. It's the dateline. It tells where the writing happened. Where are Gallagher and Bradner from? Gallagher is based in Charlotte, NC. Bradner is in Washington, D.C. Indeed, they watched a stream and read Twitter! How bad is a "news" organization if they can't get their own locations correct?

Sources are the key to any news article. We have virtually unlimited information access. Any information can be obtained and cited. Gallagher and Bradner can write about the Texas legislature without even being in the same time zone. That's why a lack of sources infuriates me. They included 4 sources in their article.

They have a 7 paragraph section titled: "What was in the bill?" The only source for that was another CNN article. The first 2 listed authors being Gallagher and Bradner. They cited themselves on the text of a bill. The source for the 2nd article is summed up in this quote:

CNN obtained the final language of SB7 and has read through the bill.

That's it. That's the source. Information is accessible. To obtain the final language: Google SB7 and click the first result. That's all. They Googled. Then they read through the bill. They didn't quote the bill. Not once. They quoted reactions. Not the actual text that they Googled.

The lack of regard for sources and accuracy is appalling. They lied in the first 3 words. And, in over 1,000 total words, they had 4 sources. For contrast I have 8 in 351 words. Their only primary sources were Twitter.

CNN should not be treated as a news site. They should be treated as essayists writing persuasion pieces. Nothing more.