ABC News Jul 05, 2017

I won’t bore you with the history of CNN blackmailing someone to get an apology and keep them silent. You can read about that at the Washington Times. The interesting part, to me, is the lack of coverage by other media organizations. First, in case you think this isn’t a big deal.

Moving on, the part that interests me the most is how other organizations are covering this revelation.

The Washington Post? Nothing.

The New York Times? Zilch.

ABC News? Zero.

NBC News? Nada.

CNN? The same old story that it all began with.

The Washington Times has already reported on it. Breitbart has, too. Even RT. Mediaite and the BBC. But, most of the mainstream media is silent. One might think that, in a legitimate system, a chance to poke fun at a competitor would be a good thing.