Why is everyone so afraid of Alex Jones?

Alex Jones Jun 13, 2017

I’ve never been a fan of Megyn Kelly or Alex Jones. They’ve never been my cup of tea. But, there’s a very interesting thing happening right now. That leads me to a simple question.

Megyn Kelly was dropped as the host of the Sandy Hook group’s gala. J.P. Morgan pulled ads from NBC news (maybe, according to a person “familiar with the matter”). NBC is even being pressured to cancel airing Ms. Kelly’s interview.

This all happened because Megyn Kelly is interviewing Alex Jones. It’s because she is interviewing a crazy person (i.e., Alex Jones). How is this a normal reaction? Seriously, she’s interviewing someone. Someone who is supposedly a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Tucker Carlson interviews people regularly with odd viewpoints. It exposes the viewpoints. So, why wouldn’t people who dislike Alex Jones be excited to see him exposed? This is the time to show the world just how insane Alex Jones and his viewpoints are!

So, why are people afraid of Alex Jones’ interview?