James Clapper: The Expert

chuck-todd Sep 20, 2017

Former DNI James Clapper gets trotted out regularly to give his opinion. His opinion holds weight because of the position he held. That is the only reason he isn’t cited as some random white dude with a bald head.

Here he tells us that he would have known if there was a FISA order. And, that he didn’t so there wasn’t. Therefore he can conclude that then candidate Trump’s campaign was not tapped.

So, is James Clapper a reliable source on wiretaps?

Here is then DNI James Clapper stating that the NSA does not collect any type of data on millions or hundreds millions of American.

Later, that June, from The Guardian:

According to the latest revelation in the Washington Post on Monday, and confirmed by an Obama administration official, Clapper wrote to the Senate intelligence committee on 21 June, when he admitted directly that his answer was wrong. “My response was clearly erroneous – for which I apologize,” Clapper said in the letter.

Then, we’re left with a man who has lied, under oath, about data collection on Americans. But, he only lied about millions to hundreds of millions of people. Now, he states that President Trump’s campaign didn’t have data collected.

I’m left with one major question: Why in the fuck would anyone believe him? Why does Chuck Todd act like he’s a legitimate source? You’re asking a man who committed perjury about the subject with which he perjured himself. Who would believe a word he says? Maybe next you could ask President Clinton to list all the women with which he’s had sexual relations.