Non-denials and the Oakland Raiders

non-denial Oct 05, 2017

Yesterday I talked about the non-denial of Secretary Tillerson. That got a lot of air time on all major liar news channels. And, rightfully so. A non-denial denial is a primary method people use to lie. It sounds like a denial but isn’t.

Secretary Tillerson’s non-denial got air time everywhere. There was another non-denial that caught my attention recently, too. Armstrong & Getty presented a rumor that the Oakland Raiders offensive line let Derek Carr get sacked as revenge for standing during the anthem (YouTube). Frankly, I really wanted this to be false. I had hoped it was. I’m not a Raiders fan, up until this year I was a Seahawks fan, so I still cared a little about the integrity of the league. So, I kept looking for the denial. The statement that said: “no way, we’d never do that.”

Here are the numbers as kind of a sanity check. The Oakland Raiders allowed 18 sacks in 2016. The least in the country (SportingCharts). In the first 2 games of 2017 Derek Carr was sacked twice – which was average based on last year. Then, against Washington, he was sacked 4 times and threw 2 interceptions. That combined to give him the lowest QBR (3.5, ESPN) of his career. But, it wasn’t by a lot, in 2016 he had a QBR of 6.0. So, it seems clear that the game was very bad. But because of the offensive line?

Then this quote happened (via RaidersBeat):

“Did y’all really let Carr get sacked on purpose or is it bs? Cause there’s tons of talk among raiders fans about it. Be cool if you laid that to rest.”

Osemele’s response…

“If you guys really believe that… I don’t even know what to tell you. Carr is our brother he fully supported our decision to make this statement we discussed as a TEAM and we all have each other’s back. We’re back focused on working now end of discussion.”

Do you see what isn’t there? There’s no denial. He never says they didn’t let Carr get sacked on purpose. He follows along with the: I won’t even dignify that (likely true) statement with a response.