Pelosi blames Trump

Nancy Pelosi Mar 31, 2020

Short and sweet.

From The Guardian (archive):

Asked if she was saying Trump’s early downplaying of the severity of the crisis had “cost American lives”, Pelosi replied: “Yes, I am. I’m saying that.”

The first case was on January 20th, 2020, supposedly (via The Guardian). In the article they claim President Trump waited 6 weeks to respond.

Via, CNN (archive) on January 31st:

  • The HHS declared it a public health emergency.
  • Pentagon looking into additional facilities for coronavirus quarantine
  • CDC’s coronavirus quarantine order is first in more than 50 years
  • US orders 14-day quarantine for Americans evacuated from Wuhan
  • CDC has investigated 241 US patients for coronavirus
  • Delta Airlines to temporarily suspend all US-China flights over coronavirus

That's actually a lot of response!

And, CNN's front page (archive)?

Wow, Pelosi should have been pushing a response, right? After all, not doing so cost American lives.