Pelosi's Response to the Shooting

nancy-pelosi Jun 14, 2017

Edit: I really wanted to highlight a good response from a Democrat. Here’s the thing, it really bothers me that, as of yet, Rachel Maddow, John Oliver, Bill Maher, and Larry Wilmore haven’t condemned the shooting. These are all media figures that Mr. Hodgkinson had liked on his Facebook page. I don’t want to blame them. However, I think it makes sense that they strongly condemn the act. So, when Representative Pelosi condemned the act I wanted to look at the positive side.

Via Politico (archive), anything good she said yesterday was undone. That leaves just Senator Sanders and Chuck Todd (HuffPo, archive) with a strong condemnation. There were more responses like Senator Warren’s below.

But, honestly, I was hoping for a much stronger statement clearly refuting the act from my former ideological cohort. I guess, expecting today’s left to disavow a shooter targeting Republicans is just too much to ask.

There have been a lot of reactions to the shooting today. I was thinking about highlighting the lack of condemnation from various media figures and outlets. Or, where identity fusion fits in. But, honestly, I’d rather focus on a good response.

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after a gunman opened fire on a practice for the Congressional Baseball game:

“This morning, the U.S. Congress suffered a despicable and cowardly attack. My thoughts and prayers are with Whip Steve Scalise and the others wounded, Capitol Police and staff, and their families.

“We are profoundly grateful for the heroism of the Capitol Police, whose bravery under fire undoubtedly saved countless lives. On days like today, there are no Democrats or Republicans, only Americans united in our hopes and prayers for the wounded.”

This is from Nancy Pelosi’s press statement.

And, her speech can be found here. I think her response is very good. This was a despicable, indefensible act and could be used to humanize people of differing identities.