How should the President treat the press?

Abdulelah Haider Shaye Jul 02, 2017

There’s a large hullabaloo about another of President Trump’s tweets.

From the Failing New York Times:

The wrestling video, which was also posted to the official @POTUS Twitter account, stirred criticism, disbelief and dumbfoundedness. Some journalists denounced its portrayal of violence as dangerous, saying it could incite attacks or threats against news media employees.

This is being decried as an attack on journalism and unfitting for a President. Do you know what a real attack on journalism looks like?

Via The Nation:

At the end of the call, according to a White House read-out, [The President] “expressed concern” over the release of a man named Abdulelah Haider Shaye, whom [The President] said “had been sentenced to five years in prison for his association with AQAP.”

. . .

But this case was different. Abdulelah Haider Shaye is not an Islamist militant or an Al Qaeda operative. He is a journalist.

Unlike most journalists covering Al Qaeda, Shaye risked his life to travel to areas controlled by Al Qaeda and to interview its leaders.

. . .

What he discovered were the remnants of Tomahawk cruise missiles and cluster bombs, neither of which are in the Yemeni military’s arsenal. He photographed the missile parts, some of them bearing the label “Made in the USA,” and distributed the photos to international media outlets.

Mr. Shaye is a journalist. He was locked up at the request of the President for his reporting. That’s an attack on journalism. Unfortunately, the media totally ignored it… why? Well, it was President Obama who did that.

I suppose that tweet is far more offensive than actually ensuring a journalist gets locked up. Perhaps, if President Trump wanted to be treated with the same respect as President Obama he should follow his predecessor’s precedent and imprison journalists.

Preemptive edit: I’m not serious. Anyone who locks up a journalist for reporting facts should be universally derided as a horrendous human being. Of course, that caveat still allows President Trump to lock up CNN, WaPo, and NYT reporters… because they don’t report facts…