Russia and the Uranium Deal

ABC News Oct 18, 2017

Now, it seems even more likely that the whole “Russia influenced the election” narrative from the Democrats was more projection. It appears that they supported Secretary Clinton’s foundation ahead of the approval of the Uranium One deal (The Hill). Unfortunately, that seems perfectly inline with Secretary Clinton. But, I want to look at the news stories.

First, Google results for the benchmark:

Exactly what you’d expect from a major update to a news story we’ve heard so much about (Russian influence in US politics)… but, wait, a lot of news organizations are missing…

Second, Fox News:

Well, they’re covering it.

Now, let’s look at the news organizations that aren’t. Let’s start with NBC:

Nothing about it. Not even when President Trump said that the deal needed to be investigated… Odd…

Well, anyway, ABC News certainly covered it, right?

Odd, that seems a lot like NBC. They’re just pretending it doesn’t exist.

Not everyone can ignore it. After all CNN isn’t just Very Fake News:

At least CNN covered President Trump’s (now seemingly correct) allegations. But, no updates.

Perhaps we should round out the major news channels with MSNBC:

Oh, nothing, dang.

I wonder if I can think of another news organization that might not want to cover this story… Ah, yes, RT:

So, I guess ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and RT all have that one thing in common. Does that mean that Russia controls ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC, too?