CNN: Trump barks, but struggles to find his bite

CNN (Very Fake News) Apr 29, 2017

This article is brought to you from the very fake CNN and their author Jeremy Diamond.

Mr. Diamond takes the viewpoint that President Trump speaks and fails to deliver:

Trump is all about the bark — bold, aggressive promises.

Trump has come up short on the bite, failing to deliver on his toughest campaign promises.

His first and most important piece of evidence is the “change of direction” on NAFTA.

After months of railing against NAFTA, some of Trump’s top aides signaled Wednesday he might withdraw from the deal altogether in the coming days.

By Wednesday night, Trump had talked to the fretful leaders of Canada and Mexico and stood down on the possibility, deciding against pulling the US from the trade deal altogether.

But Trump’s decision to swerve away from NAFTA withdrawal also signaled the extent to which Trump is running up against the realities of governing as he attempts to implement his bold campaign promises.

So, Mr. Diamond concludes that President Trump was unable to fulfill his promise. Of course, noticeably lacking from this diatribe is the actual promise in question. So, what was it?

Fortunately, CNN comes to rescue with another article! From this article dated January 22, 2017 the author, Eric Bradner, noted that President Trump promised to renegotiate NAFTA. The actual quotes:

“We’re going to start some negotiations having to do with NAFTA,” Trump said.

“Anybody ever hear of NAFTA?” he said. “I ran a campaign somewhat based on NAFTA. But we’re going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration, on security at the border.”

So, in January President Trump wanted to renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA. How about earlier? From The Hill in 2016:

“I’m going to tell our NAFTA partners that I intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers,” Trump said during remarks at an aluminum facility in Monessen, Pa., near Pittsburgh.

But, Mr. Diamond continues to push the view that President Trump failed to match his rhetoric with this gem:

Trump’s decision not to withdraw from NAFTA came only after Trump consulted with members of his Cabinet as well as business and congressional leaders, a senior White House official said Thursday.

A senior, unnamed, White House official? Really? That’s the best he can do.

So, to summarize: Mr. Diamond completely misconstrues President Trump’s promise. And, then declares it a failure. Way to go – you beat that strawman to death.