Whose side are they on?

john-conyers-jr Aug 11, 2017

This whole thing started with Jake Tapper’s coverage of North Korea. I watched the clip a few times (via Mediaite). And, throughout the whole thing, it felt like CNN was taking a pro-NK stance. That’s crazy right?

I want to go back. When Rep. Scalise was shot I looked far and wide for condemnation from CNN and MSNBC. The shooter was an avid fan of multiple MSNBC shows. There was almost none (with the exception of Sally Kohn). The most condemning statement was a lie, anyway.

If most major news outlets had no problem with a Congressman getting shot… why should we assume that they have an issue with North Korea attacking the US?

Consequently, for the last few days, I’ve been looking for some semblance that they’re opposed to North Korea using weapons against the US. Here’s some of what I’ve seen:

I really want to know: are the mainstream media and Democrat Congress Members opposed to a North Korean attack?

For the record, I am opposed to such an attack.

Edit: just saw this post from a former Hillary advisor.

Another update: